Sun in Aries + Moon in Sagittarius = Your soli-lunar couple

Men are of from the Sun and Women from the Moon
Monday 20 March 2017 from 11:29 AM to 4:31 PM (GMT)

Sun in Aries Moon in Sagittarius
◀︎ Sun in Pisces Moon in Sagittarius
Sun in Aries Moon in Capricorn ▶︎

Yesterday was the last day of the solar year and this Monday the first of the new year. The Sun has just finished his one month stay in the sign of Pisces and is now entering the sign of Aries where he will remain for a new one-month period. On the other hand, the moon changes sign every 2 1/2 days. Yesterday Sunday, she was in the sign of Sagittarius where she will stay this Monday until 4:31 PM, before entering in the sign of Capricorn.

The lunar woman is represented by the second card, which is that of the priest. It will therefore continue to be associated with its ability to transmit celestial messages. The intuition of the woman is powerful and demands to be heard. However, the harmonious relationship of the day before will evolve.

The solar man is represented by the first card, which is that of the warrior. He is now an impulsive fighter who risks forgetting the benevolent angelic communication of the day before. Nothing will stop the spontaneous impulses of this man of action and the woman will have difficulty to make her intuitive power heard.

Today, the man and the woman are represented by two very determined masculine images. The woman will rather be turned inwards and the man towards outer life. The soli-lunar couple is represented by the third card, which is that of the crusader. The couple harmony will be reconciled in the path of a just cause of which she will be the inspiration and him the fighter. Nowadays, religious crusades are being replaced with militancy for a good cause.

This soli-lunar will last today for only 5 hours before the Moon will enter the sign of Capricorn, which is represented by the serious card of the Master. This new relationship will be observed in detail in the next set of 3 cards.

The moon will often change sign. Stay tuned. In the meantime and to go further, it is recommended to observe the 3 cards objectively (details and messages) and subjective (your perceptions and memories).

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In light and harmony. Serge Bernard

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